Month: October 2018

Making Sure You Have a Good Hairstyle before Dating!

Dating is an intimate and romantic matter and one would like to present themselves top notch before going out. You may have met someone online or in the local club or bar or a site like romance scams. A lot of people get confused with what they should wear, what makeup to use, which hairstyle to make, and the list doesn’t seem to end. Don’t Worry We Got You!

This article will make things comfortable for the ones who are looking out for hairstyling tips before going out for a date.


  • Don’t Opt For An Extreme Change Of Outlook


A lot of people try really hard to make themselves presentable, but it turns out to be disastrous at the last moment. In the worst case, the person whom you are about to meet might notice that you are faking it. Our suggestion is to keep your hairstyle simple, stylish and original. Don’t go for pre-date colouring or dyeing, as you might get unintentional surprising comments from the person in front of you.


  • Choose To Make A Simple Flower Braid


If you are planning to go for the date wearing a casual dress, then this hairstyle is the best option. It is simple, sober and matches with the simple casual mood. It hardly takes much effort as you just need to make a small braid out of a half pony. Then twist it around in the form of a bun, giving it the impression of a flower.


  • A Simple Classic Pony


If you choose to be super simple, straight and casual, then a smart pony is the best option. There is no good feeling in the world than to be yourself and present it in front of the world. It might not look superficial, but you would be satisfied with your appearance. Moreover, a simple pony saves you from worrying if your hairstyle is still in place or not.


  • Curled Hairstyle


For the ones who don’t want to go for any style and just simple flaunt their beautiful hair, then curls are the best option. You can curl up your hair with a curler, or curl it up like a pony after washing your hair. Let your hair open and don’t worry about any style. Most girls prefer this hairstyle for dates.


  • Make A Twisted Halo


This hairstyle is mostly preferred by the ones who love styling with their hair in different occasions. A twisted halo is a common hairstyle, but it is regarded as the simplest hairstyle that gives out the best look. Take a few strands of hair from the back of your ear, and then twist them. Take those two strands at the back and use clips to pin them up, giving it the shape of a halo.


  • A Bun


The most sophisticated design one might choose to go for a date is a bun. It requires a little bit of confidence to don this hairstyle for a date. You might prefer choosing this hairstyle if your date has planned a dinner or lunch at a good restaurant. The choice of bun can be subjective, but our suggestion would be to make a polished bun before stepping out.

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